A working development enviroment:
  • On Linux/Unix systems, this means having GCC, the GNU Compiler
    Collection packages, as well as libraries for these languages
    (libstdc++, libgcj, glibc, etc).
  • On Windows systems, please install the Cygwin development
    environment. <!--Instructions on how to setup Cygwin and the required packages can be
    found in the INSTALL_cygwin_dev_env.txt-->

To run the testsuite, you will need CppUnit. Please note that the current version of CppUnit shared libraries are broken on Windows. This is a known bug in CppUnit. You will need to download CppUnit sources and rebuild static libraries if you wish to run the unit tests.

To generate the documentation, you will need the Doxygen package and the Graphviz package.

Stable releases are available for download from the SourceForge Downloads page.
Development snapshots reflect the current state of development. They are released on a regular basis whenever the CVS code is deemed to be in a stable state. They might include new features or bug fixes that are not yet available in the current stable release.

Please be aware that although development snapshots often contain important bug fixes which are not yet available in the stable release, they might be affected by new bugs or regressions. Every reasonable effort is taken to keep snapshots as stable as possible and ensure that regressions are not reintroduced.

CVS access
You can obtain the very latest, ``bleeding edge'' source code directly from our CVS repository.

Please note that the latest sources might contain significant changes to the application programming interface or otherwise be temporarily broken (although this rarely happens).

Please refer to the CVS access page for instructions on how to access the CVS repository.

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