plump 0.0.1 released


It took a while longer than planned, but it is now official: the first release of plump is finally out.

plump-0.0.1 is available for download from mirrors.

Future release will abide to the mantra of Open Source software developers everywhere: Release early, release often.
So expect to see new improved releases of plump in the near future.

This is an initial release, so please expect some changes in the upcoming releases.
In particular, plump programming interface is likely to change as the callback mechanism will likely be replaced by polymorphism.
Changes to the libplump and libplugin libraries are also on the horizon.


CVS access is back


CVS access is now fully functional. have completed maintance and upgrades to their CVS server infrastructure.

Everything is now working, including the CVS web interface.

CVS access procedures have changed as a result of the upgrades. I have created a new page in the developer's section to reflect this changes.

I also added information regarding what modules, tags and branches are in the CVS repository.

Initial sources import to CVS repository complete


Initial import of Plump sources to the CVS repository hosted on has been completed.

All sources are publicly available from the official project site. is currently in the process of updating their CVS servers. CVS access is fully functional, but it is not possible to browse CVS files via a web-browser.

Plump website goes live


Plump website goes live today.

Hordes of happy users rejoice!

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