Report bugs

If you find a bug, and it is not a known bug, and it really _is_ a bug, it is important that you report it.

Reporting a bug requires a little effort on your part, but the more detailed and accurate the bug report is, the faster the bug will be fixed.

The purpose of this page is to give some guidance on how to collect the information required to prepare a bug report to help us reproduce the bug, diagnose the problem and provide a fix quickly and effectively.

The most effective way to report a bug is to report facts. Please try to make a bug report as factual as possible. Report the exact steps, the exact configuration, the exact situation that caused the bug to manifest itself.

In order to collect the required facts and information, please enable debugging and attach a log of the events leading up to the bug.

If possible, try to provide a minimal testcase that will consistently and programmatically reproduce the bug you observed. The testcase will provide the developers with all the information required to identify and fix the bug and will also be added to our testsuite to avoid future regression.

By all means, remember the golden rule and only include facts in your bug report.

Guesses about the nature and causes of a bug are only useful if you intend to fix the bug yourself. In that case, you should not be sending a bug report, but a testcase that exhibits the bug and a patch that fixes it.

Using the bug tracker
The tracker allows to keep all the bug reports in one place. Go through the following steps when reporting a new bug:
  1. Ask yourself is it really a bug. Maybe it's rather a misconfiguration or a hardware failure etc. Double-check that.
  2. If you have not registered on the Web site, please do that before posting a bug report.
  3. Go to the bug tracker.
  4. Make sure you are logged in.
  5. Search existing bug reports for similar problems. If it's already there, just post another comment, instead of adding a similar report.
  6. If you have not found an existing report on your problem, consider adding a new bug report.
  7. Choose an informative subject line.
  8. Describe the problem, trying to provide enough information to let a tester reproduce the bug.